Daily Eye care Routine

11 Daily Eye Care Routine you can do to Protect your Eyes

Why is Daily Eye Care Routine Essential?

Eyes are vital organs that help us to see the beautiful surroundings around us. Having eye issues can be painful, especially when the images you want to embrace for life are not vivid enough. To maintain clear eyesight and enhance your eye health, you need to practice the best eye care routine.

Eyes undoubtedly are the most precious organs in our body, and taking care of them becomes our sole responsibility. If you are aware of how important eyes are to us, it is equally necessary that we showcase them in our daily routine. So, get prepared for your daily eye care routine, and refer below for some healthy eye care routine,

1. Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet is an overall key here. Taking fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can prolong your healthy eyesight. Vitamin A, found in carrots, mangoes, sweet potatoes, and green vegetables, can help you have better night vision. Even vitamin C in broccoli, and citrus fruits, can supply an antioxidant that prevents eye damage, from free radicals. Omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zeaxanthin, and Vitamin E components are equally necessary for you to have good vision. Thus, mindful eating with nutrients and choosing wholegrain can be best suited to daily eye care routine.

2. Wear UV Protection Sunglasses

UV protection has been a necessity today. Always look if the product description of sunglasses mentions 100 percent protection against UVA, UVB, and also, UV400 or not. An ideal sunglasses with labels marked can keep your eyes healthy and protected. For every outdoor activity, be it a sunny day or not, you are suggested to wear UV protection sunglasses.

3. Give your Eyes a rest

Work, study, everything is important. But taking a break from digital devices every 20 minutes is equally important for having healthy eyesight. Getting habituated to blinking more often can help your eyes rest and relax. Blinking adds more tear layer and keeps your eyes hydrated for a while, increasing your eye’s function in the other go. Keeping a digital screen at least one arm’s length away can protect you from severe eye damage in the long run.

4. Good Eye Care Routine

Eye care routine and hygiene are something one should not compromise on. Removing traces of eye makeup if any, before a sound sleep is recommended. You ought to practice a frequent hand wash routine to avoid any infection in your eyes. Eventually, you need to be aware of the side effects of rubbing your eyes with your hands, which might be contaminated with dirt and bacteria.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is important for you to maintain your overall health. Besides, you can monitor if your body is getting sufficient fluid or not to stay performing. Blink more often and even gaze at an object far away from you every 20 minutes. Drinking 8 glasses of water each day will not only hydrate your body but your whole eyes. In case you want to keep your eyes lubricated, get started with enough fluid intake throughout your day.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Your eyes can be healthy if you give your eyes the needed amount of sleep. To protect your eyes from vision impairment at the right time, you ought to be sure that you get enough sleep regularly. If your schedule is missing out on proper rest, eye functionality may be impacted in the long run, so stay cautious.

Enough sleep can prevent you from eye fatigue. Also, you can protect your eyes from ranges of eye stains, blurry vision, redness, and irritation by getting the minimum required sleep per day. Also, avoiding caffeine intake before sleeping is recommended. Duly considering seeing a doctor in case of sleep cycle fluctuations is also equally important for your eye vision.

7. Exercise

Did you know that exercise can save you from having an eye infection? You do not need to be an athlete to keep your eyes healthy, but a minimum of 20 minutes of walking regularly can prevent you from the risk of eye damage. Some, potential benefits of exercise for improving your eye health are,

  • Decrease weight and risk of eye diseases associated with it.
  • Reduces chronic inflammation in the body, resulting in eye issues.
  • Improved blood circulation and reduced risk factors for AMD

8. Clean your Eye Makeup

Using decent quality makeup that is ISO-certified is suggested. Apart from this, you need to remove traces of makeup before going to bed each day. This prevents you from clotting debris and oil in your eyes. If the eye makeup has a changing smell or consistency over some time, it is better if you dispose of it immediately. Choose a makeup remover that is free of hypoallergenic substances.

For cleaning your eye makeup, do not apply harsh soaps or cleansers. Using an oil-based eye makeup would be helpful for your eyes. By gently using a cotton pad or even a soft cloth, you can remove the makeup from your eyes. After wiping away the makeup residue and cleaning your face thoroughly, you are then advised to use eye cream to hydrate your eye area after the wash.

9. Keep your Eyes moisturized

Tears every time are not about crying after watching one of the emotional stories playing right in front of you. It often lubricates our eyes and prevents issues caused by eye dryness. Tear production often declines with age, and when our eyes do not produce sufficient tears, one can feel a burning sensation in the eyes. Blood pressure, diabetes, and other medical conditions may also result in eye dryness, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. For daily eye care routine, using tear drops if you need them is suggested.

10. Avoid smoking

Smoking is injurious to your eyes too. If you have a habit of smoking, your eyes have tentatively twice as much chance to catch cataracts as compared to a nonsmoker. Toxins and harmful chemicals in cigarettes cause intervention of the blood to reach your eyes. Even the tear film can be damaged when you breathe in polluted air or smoke.

Studies have shown that cataracts are a common eye disease found in long-term smokers. Even smoking is one of the risk factors for causing Age-related Macular degeneration(AMD). Smoking also worsens diabetic retinopathy, increasing more or less the chance of blindness in the time to come. Dry eye syndrome conditions also get triggered by the risk of optic nerve damage, glaucoma, and also, causing overall discomfort in the eyes.

11. Track your growing Weight

If you are gaining weight, especially adding up pounds to your belly area, you are prone to eye-related issues. This is because when fats are deposited in the abdomen section, the insulin resistance tendency of the body gets activated, which may give you fluctuating and blurry vision. Keep a regular track of your glucose levels and take lean proteins, vitamins, and required nutrients to promote healthy eyesight.


Compromising with an eye care routine is not a healthy approach. To make sure that you are taking care of your eyes correctly, you need to make a relaxing bedtime routine. This assures that your eyes are getting a proper sleep. As our eyes are delicate and prone to damage of any sort, it becomes our responsibility to have a proper eye care routine to perceive the world that we are living in. Don’t ignore any sort of warning signs and do the best you can to make your lifestyle healthier and take time off-screen too. Schedule an eye exam today with Vision concern, if you are worried about your eye health and clear vision. You are one step closer to your appointment, so get a booking.

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